It’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for…BASEBALL!

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Late Night Sports opinions back tonight for another blog. Tonight, I’m feelin, it’s time to finally revile some opinions for the best sport in the world, Baseball.

  1. In my honest, non bias opinion, I truly believe the Yankees will win 88+ games this season; they have GREAT pitching.
  2. I think the Nationals have the best team in baseball; ridiculous balance between how good both there pitching and lineup is.
  3. I think the Rangers & Angels are overrated and the Oakland A’s win the AL West in 2013.
  4. Troy Tulowitzki is the best SS in the game of baseball when healthy.
  5. Yoenis Cespedes will one day win an MVP award.
  6. Like Yoenis, so will Justin Upton, who might not be waiting long to win his as he’s tied for the Major League lead in Homer’s already this season with Michael Morse.
  7. Matt Harvey will be a 20 game winner in multiple seasons, might begin the trend this season.
  8. Craig Kimbrel is the best 9th inning guy we’ve seen in a while. Seeing how young he is and the rate he converts his saves, talk to me in 10 years when he’s in the top 5 of all time in saves.
  9. Roy Halladay is finished. I don’t see much quality pitching left in that arm of Doc’s.
  10. Carl Crawford is the real deal when he’s healthy, one of the top 2 or 3 best lead-off hitters the game offers.
  11. Jurickson Profar is a shortstop and that’s where I’d like to see him play in the future, he’s a stud.
  12. Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball with another campaign like the last 2 seasons he’s had.
  13. AL Surprise ( So Far ) – Chris Davis; .393 – 5 HR’s – 18 RBI’s
  14. NL Surprise ( So Far ) – John Buck; .375 – 5 HR’s – 15 RBI’s
  15. I really do think the Marlins have the chance at being the worst team in baseball history; Giancarlo is NEVER going to be pitched to – actually think a deal like Stanton for Profar could work out well for both sides.
  16. The Kansas City Royals are a playoff team is Eric Hosmer & Mike Moustakas perform well.
  17. David Price is pitching his final year in Tampa Bay.
  18. Jackie Bradley Jr. will be a future all-star CF.
  19. Jeff Samardzija can really pitch and in fact, help the Cubbies surprise some people this season – Cubs to win 77 games.

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