Yankees review – 2 Weeks in the books!

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It’s been 2 weeks and the New York Yankees are sitting 6-5 and it seems like all 5 members of the division will be a toss up all season. But like I expected, the pitching is the key to the 2013 Yankees season.

Yankees Starting Rotation

The top of the rotation; CC, Hiroki & Andy are flat out putting the league on notice that our 1-3 is one of the best in baseball. So far CC is 2-1 with a 2.30 ERA, 2 consecutive very nice outings after people saw him pitch 1 game and doubted him when they saw his velocity was down. CC is far from a his days in Cleveland as a power pitcher, I get it, but he’s got 2 great offspeed pitches and when he’s locating his FB’s it’s going to be a long day for opposing lineups. HIROK! Fresh off a 5 hit complete game shut out improving to 2-1 and a 2.87 ERA. Hiroki’s 38 and has been the Yanks most consistent pitcher the past season and change. With the combination of that 2 seem, Greg Maddux’esque and the amount of ground balls he gets he’s an incredibly tough pitcher to score runs against. The ageless wonder himself, has started masterfully. Who is that you may ask? Andrew Eugene Pettitte. In 2 starts he has himself a 2-0 record, 15 innings pitched and has given up a whopping 2 runs. But, the question of the Yankees staff lies in the back 2 rotation spots, Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes. Both guys haven’t performed well, Nova thinking he’s pitched well when he hasn’t and Phil is having a problem seemingly getting anyone out, giving up 17 hits in 7 innings pitched, noooooo bueno. But, if one of them continue pitching like that, the Yankees have a solution and that solution lies in the hands of David Phelps who pitched very nicely for the Yanks last year due to injury’s. He just posted a 4 inning 1 hit 6 strikeout outing in relief of Hughes. I can only imagine by Mid-May, David will be in the rotation if Hughes or Mr. Nova aren’t pitching well and I would be all in with that decision

Onto the Bullpen!

What do ya know, Moe has been Moe early on in the save chances he’s gotten and D-Rob has been back to his typical K per 9 numbers, 9 per 9. As of now, Boone is our lone Lefty but maybe we the re-signing or Rapada we may get back to the 2 lefty pen the Yankees need to have, especially with the way Joe has been using Boone early in games so far this season. I’ve actually been pretty impressed with our new acquisition, Shawn Kelley, he has a decent FB and his slider is devastating when it’s on. He may be our 7th inning guy this year, as opposed to Joba who has been, way below expectations early on this season.

The hitting that was expected to ‘Struggle’

No Granderson, Teixeria, Jeter, Russell Martin or A-Rod? No problem. The likes of Cervelli, Wells, Youkilis & Hafner will pick up the slack, duhhhhh. Yanks are 8th in Runs, 4th in Home-Runs & 3rd in total team Batting Average. Lead by the one we’d all thought would be leading in batting average after 11 games, Francisco Cervelli at .360 and has only struck out ONCE in 25 At-Bats. 2 Newbies in Hafner and Vernon Wells lead the team with 3 Home-runs along with 1 face everybody knows, Robinson Cano also with 3. Hafner, Youk, Wells, Boesch all hitting over .300 and Ovarbay right behind them at .280. The Yankees have been hitting well and I’m happy about it. I wasn’t sure about what guys like Wells and Pronk had left and so far through 11 games they’ve been excellent. The thought of the return of Jeter, Curtis & Teix makes me feel so optimistic about the success of the team, winning a pennant and going out with a bang in Moe’s final season.


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