Giants review after Week 1

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Well, simply put, turnovers ruined the New York Football Giants week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys. If you expect to win games where your offense turns the ball over on six different possessions, than you’re seriously delusional.

We will start with the offensive side of the ball, which is what the Giants did Sunday night before turning it over on an Elisha Manning INT on the first play of the night. Matter of fact, the first three Giants possessions ended in turnovers. Getting passed that, the G-Men actually outgained Dallas by 147 total yards (478-331), had 184 more passing yards (428-244) and better 3rd down efficiency than Dallas. But that only tells half the tale. Eli threw for 450 yards passing, but threw 3 interceptions and 1 in the fourth quarter, under 2 minutes in the game that was taken for a pick 6 by Brandon Carr. Another positive from the G-Men offense was the receiving core. Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and Rueben Randle all went over 100 yards receiving while Dallas lead pass catcher ended with 72 yards. But, last years first round draft pick David Wilson was a liability to say the least. He fumbled twice on just 7 carries and couldn’t protect Eli for the life of him in pass protection. The loss of Andre Brown really hurt the Giants because they didn’t have anyone to turn too after Wilson and thus, 50 total rushing yards by the completion of the game. The Giants passing attack looked dominant at times, but the turnovers ruined that all and thus did not score as many points as Dallas.

Onto the defense, that actually played pretty well. The Dallas defense scored 2 different scores and after the first 3 turnovers the Giants gave away, all on there side of the field they only gave up 10 total points. The defense hit Romo 6 times, had 2 sacks and what was most impressive was the secondary who had to matchup with the likes of Witten, Bryant and Miles Austin. Yeah, Witten and Austin had 18 catches between the 2 of them but only 140 yards so they weren’t getting chunks of yards and Dez had 4 catches for just 22 yards. It was also a great sign too see TT24, Terrell Thomas back in the Giants secondary again, after missing the past 2 seasons with ACL injuries. He had 7.5 tackles, played good in coverage and had a nice pass deflection on a blitz in the 2nd half. The pass rush continues to be the Giants glue though. They need the pass rush to get to the QB to give the LB’s and secondary a chance to make plays on the balls. The linebackers may be the concern this season for the G-Men. Losing our best pass coverage backer in Michael Boley may hurt seeing how Herzlich plays better at the line of scrimmage or in Zone, not so much in man.

All in all, minus the turnovers, I believe the Giants outplayed Dallas but those turnovers are part of the game and the Cowboys came out victorious. All I know is, with Big Brother Peyton coming into Metlife Stadium next week, Eli and crew better cut down the turnovers because if Peyton can possess the ball for 15 more minutes than the Giants, like Romo and his offense did, it’s going to be a very, long afternoon for Giants fans everywhere.


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