All things Super Bowl 48

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We have finally made it. Through our fantasy struggles and yelling at our television sets because our favorite teams we’re getting blown out. But despite all that, it’s time for the biggest event of the season…The Puppy Bowl. I think it’s fair to say the best 2 teams in our league this year made the Super Bowl and I for one am very happy with that.

This game has all the makings of an all-timer. One of the all time great QB’s coming off the greatest statistical season ever and his high powered offense. A defense anchored by a bully of a secondary lead by a cornerback who catches ‘ducks’ for a living. A skittle eating beast who you rarely see get brought down by one tackler. 

As cliche as it may sound, defense does help you win championships and it does in fact get you to where you hope to end your journey at every seasons beginnings. But that being said, defenses can only do so much with a mediocre player at the helm of your offense. For Seattle, that’s what Russell Wilson has been of late. In his last 5 games he hasn’t thrown for greater than 215 yards and no more than a touchdown in any of them. I’m not saying he’s not talented, but I think he’s the biggest beneficiary of his team around him. It’s so cliche of me to put the spotlight on the QB but for this team, they’re great in every other facet of the game. Great running game, great physical defense that can stop the run and can put 8 in the box and have each corner play man to man and win their match-ups.

These match-ups Seattle is seeing tonight, is a different animal. Let alone one of the greatest, if not the greatest QB of all-time, the weapons surrounding him are incredible. Welker, Thomas times 2, Decker and company are the best group in the business. Even with that crazy air attack, they can still ground and pound with Knowshon Moreno who had 1,500+ all purpose yards and 13 touchdowns. In my personal opinion, as great as Peyton and his supporting cast of WR’s and TE’s are, Denver’s running attack will win the game tonight. Yes, you just got a preview of my winner, but you have to try and avoid continuously throwing at Seattle’s secondary. They are as good as they are advertised to be. 

Let’s be serious: Beast-mode is going to eat. Maybe the leagues quietest super star will not go down without putting a stamp on the game. That’s why I focused my attention on Rus earlier. It’s going to be put on Wilson shoulders to go out and win the biggest game of his career. Denver has a defense you can exploit and if you control the clock they’re beatable. Third down throws that decide ball control are going to be CRUCIAL in Seattle’s success. 

As the time ticks away and we get closer to the game, the more exciting I’m becoming. Yes, I do hope Peyton get’s his second ring because he’s unfairly treated due to not having more than one championship. But, if that doesn’t happen, all I ask for is a great game. Who wants to see a blowout in the Super Bowl? Not me, I can tell you that for damn sure. Yes, I intentionally forgot to mention the weather factor. Onto my picks!

Denver – 27 vs. Seattle – 24

Super Bowl MVP – Peyton Manning

Key Players for each Team


  • Offense: Knowshon Moreno / Julius Thomas
  • Defense: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 


  • Offense: Russell Wilson
  • Defense: Linebacking Crew / Earl Thomas

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