Is AJ Burnett Really Worth $16 Million? Philly Thinks so.

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Over the past 2 seasons, AJ has been worth what the Philadelphia gave him this offseason and that’s 1 Year worth $16 Million. He’s 26-21 in 61 starts while posting a 3.40 ERA during his time in Pittsburgh. I understand he’s 37, but just last season at age 36, he had the highest K/9 of his entire career at 9.8 along with the lowest WHIP of his career at 1.215. He’s had his ups and downs in his 15 year career but of late, he’s been nothing short of a very, VERY reliable major league starter. Just looking at all numbers from his stint with Pittsburgh you realize AJ is different from his time spent elsewhere. Yes. I’m talking to you Yankee fans.

In 2011, AJ’s last year in NY, he gave up 31 home-runs. 2012 through 2013 he only allowed 29 total. May be due to a ball-park change, which may not help his Philly campaign at very hitter friendly confines of Citizens Bank. AJ’s had relatively good health the past 6 seasons where he’s pitched 30+ in all 6. He joins a staff with Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels who’s starting the season on the DL, Kyle Kendrick and than a 5th starter, most likely a young arm. He adds veteran game experience to a staff that has balance between guys with plenty of years ahead of them and some with there windows closing.

I’m personally a fan of the signing. The obvious factors that would scare me, or anybody for that matter, would be age one and the home park he’s pitching in. He’s made $16.5 Mil over the past few years so the salary aspect really isn’t the end all be all in this signing. If it was a multi-year deal this would probably be a whole different discussion.


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