The Everyday Saga of Carmelo Anthony’s Future: What Should He Do?

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It’s no secret that at the end of this season, Carmelo Anthony will become a free agent. Plenty of people have made assumptions and statements on where Melo will go, if in fact he goes, or he’ll stay. Carmelo himself, has made a few comments on wanting to be in New York but if he were to leave he described the few spots he would want to play. Well, I’m here to give you another opinion on what Melo should do with his future that seems to and forever will receive scrutiny as long as Melo is well, Melo.

A lot of people suspected the Knicks to be successful following a 2 seed just last season in the Eastern Conference. They’ve nose dived to a 20-32 record at the All-Star break, lost there 1st round pick in 2016, JR Smith got a new contract in the off-season and has simply hasn’t performed and has been a distraction for everyone in the Knicks organization. One of the lone bright spots, if not the only REAL bright spot for New York has been Carmelo Anthony. He’s been doing basically everything for New York this year but it hasn’t been enough. We all know about his 62 point outbreak versus Charlotte. But it’s been a lot more than that. He’s been scoring the basketball at pretty high percentages all season. 44.8% FG’s, 41.6% 3 PT’s, and 84.7% FT’s, very elite splits for the amount of shots per game (21.5) he takes and the amount he scores per night (27.3). ’13-’14 has been his best year rebounding the basketball as he’s averaging 8.6 boards per game and has 18 double-doubles at the break while last season he had a grand total of 10.

Now, where should he go, if he goes at all. New York has the chance to offer him the most money he could get if he tested free agency but he’s said he’s willing to take a pay cut if Grunwald and Dolan can make roster changes to make them a championship contender. The only way I see the Knicks making that leap, is to form there own big 3, INVOLVING Carmelo Anthony. Presumably, Rajon Rondo has made the most sense too me for a while now. Melo continues to receive bad point guard play as the Knicks have the worst point guard group collectively and as everyone knows, Rondo has been rumored to be on the trading block for sometime now. The realistic move would most likely involve Tim Hardaway Jr., Iman Shumpert or maybe even both players. But, for the Knicks to have Championship aspirations sooner rather than later, they need to start trading these assets for bigger names. Secondily, the Knicks should look to acquire Marc Gasol after the ’14-’15 season as he becomes a Free Agent. A big 3 of Carmelo, Rondo and Marc Gasol is very promising and has a very dynamic from the team the Knicks have in place right now. You’d have to add another scorer with a group like that, as Rondo and Gasol won’t get you anymore than 14-15 points a game but the defense and passing would greatly improve. That is the one scenario I would say Melo should 100% stay in New York. That trio could be so attractive to other free agents the Knicks would look to build a championship roster around.

BUT, with all of that being said if a player of Rondo or Gasol’s caliber isn’t signed or traded for, before Anthony inks a new deal in New York, Melo should pack up his things and try winning a championship elsewhere. He’s rumored to say if wants to leave, it would be the Lakers, Bulls or Clippers according to Probasketballtalk here. I think the Lakers should be the last place on that list he would want to play. Melo and Kobe coinciding only sounds promising when it’s on the same Olympic team where the USA’s best players are also playing along side them and they don’t feel the need to take 20+ shots each. I don’t see that working out. Chicago or the Clippers seem the best fit for Carmelo. A chance to make his own big 3 in Clipperland would potentially have 3/10 best players in the entire league, maybe even 3/5 seems like a Dreamy situation for anybody. Chicago, seems very realistic as well. The team is built for a championship if Derrick comes back to full strength and if they could just add one more elite scorer. More than likely, Boozer will be amnestied, freeing up enough money for the front office to call up Carmelo to have him come play in Chicago.

My opinion is one of many. At the end of the day, Carmelo wants to stay in New York, but he wants to win a championship more. He’s willing to take a pay cut to stay but the next move is for James Dolan and Glen Grunwald to provide Knicks fans Carmelo what they want. A CHAMPIONSHIP. If not, bolt, Carmelo. Whether it be the Los Angeles Clippers or the Chicago Bulls, those would be your best 2 options if you leave.


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