Homer Bailey Gets $105 MIL. Yes You Read That Correctly.

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Wednesday, February 19th, Homer bailey got PAID. $105 Million for 5 years type paid. The 27 year old former 7th overall pick in the 2004 draft that the Reds organization has been waiting to sprout into a top half of rotation guy sure just received a contract telling everyone that is that type of pitcher. For a guy who has made $9 MIL in his career up to this point, how much pressure will he be feeling now?

The past 2 seasons for Homer has been his best as a pro. It’s his first 2 where he’s had 30+ starts in a season. 65 total. Both seasons of which he had 200+ innings, his best 2 RA9 seasons which has unearned runs included. He was 16th out of all major league qualified starters last season in WHIP (1.124), 13th in K’s and oh yeah, he threw a no-hitter on July 2nd vs. San Francisco. He only allowed a better than average .234 opponents batting average but all of these numbers are a 1 or 2 year sample size.

I, myself, like Homer Bailey and I do think he’s a very good pitcher. That being said, I’m not sold on Homer being a 100 million dollar man just yet. I’d like to see a bigger sample size. The Reds may have taken a big gamble on somebody they thought very highly of 10 years ago in the MLB amateur draft. I think it’s to big of a gamble, but we will see in the future how it turns out.


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