Winners and Losers At The NBA Trade Deadline

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First and foremost, this wasn’t a very exciting trade deadline. Not many big names were dealt, not many players that will bolster one to become a championship caliber team. So lets delve into it.



Oklahoma City Thunder: They got there perennial all-star point guard back from injury, Russell Westbrook. I’d say that’s a pretty good pickup going forward.

Philadelphia 76ers: They lost 2 of the better players, I won’t say best because there team was very horrible, but losing them was better off. They’ve entered themselves in full tank mode, probably going to challenge Milwaukee for the worst record in the league from here on out.

Washington Wizards: Getting Andre Miller is a lot of good for this organization. Andre has been a very solid player for a very long time, and will be a great back-up and chance of pace from John Wall. Not only will he be valuable on the court, but he will be a good mentor to the younger guards on the Wiz.

Indiana Pacers: I’m not one to say this made Indiana the clear cut favorites because until Miami loses a series, they’re still the 2 time defending champs. But, Granger was shooting below 40% and Turner is avg. career high in scoring. Indiana is 19th in offensive efficiency and Turner will help the Indy bench score more efficiently. Lavoy just gives the giant front court even more size.

Golden State Warriors: Adding Steve Blake, a guy with playoff experience and a scoring threat off the bench. They added him for 2 guys that they weren’t using at all anyways; MarShon Brooks and Kent Bazemore. Can play both guard positions and will be a nice change of pace between him and the other GSW guards.



Philadelphia 76ers: I understand I put them in the winners category but they’re also losers as well, from a gameplay aspect. They’re going to be atrocious the remainder of the season and I’m not sure I see more than 7-8 wins left on there schedule and that may be courteous.

Cleveland Cavaliers: They added Spencer Hawes and he’s not bad, but that creates a big log jam in the front court. Between Hawes, Zeller, Thompson, Varejao and Anthony Bennett is there enough playing time to go around? Dan Gilbert is a wizard at these kind of things.

Detroit Pistons: Not dealing Greg Monroe is something the Pistons and there front office may regret. They could have dealt him for draft picks or a true small forward and move Josh Smith to the power forward position. The 3 big lineup of Smith-Monroe-Drummond hasn’t been very successful. In 18 MPG they have a +/- of -2.0.

New York Knicks: I’m not sure if Dolan/Grunwald realize, but NY isn’t very good this season. Melo has no help, they have the worst starting PG in the league and there best trade piece is still on the team. Melo said he wanted help and staying put at the trade deadline may not have been the start he envisioned.


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